Speeler Boat Lift

Neptune Boat Lifts

Want to keep your boat out of the water? Speeler Marine Construction can install a boat lift to moor your boat at your dock.

Whether you have a kayak or a yacht, Speeler has the quality boat lift solution to keep your vessel safe and secure at the best price. Tell us what kind of boat you have, and we will determine the best size lift to accommodate your boat.

1,500 to 300,000 lb. Capacity

• Vertical Boat Lifts for vessels up to 300,000 lbs.
• Angled Aluminum Elevators up to 72,000 lbs.
• Beamless Low Profile Boat Lifts up to 30,000 lbs.
• Personal Water Craft Lifts up to 3,500 lbs.


Neptune Boat Lifts

We are proud to offer Neptune Boat Lifts

Heavy duty and dependable boat lifts make the launching and storage of your boat safer and more convenient. We offer all types and styles of boat lifts, elevator lifts and davits.

• 4 Post Boat Lifts
4 Post Boat Lift• Elevator Lifts
• Yacht Lifts
• Elevator Yacht Lifts
• Beamless Lifts
• Direct Drive Boat Lifts
• Direct Drive Yacht Lifts
• Aluminum Elevator Lifts
• Low Profile Beamless Boat Lifts
• Personal Water Craft (PWC) Lift
• Kayak Lift
• Ski Boat Lift
• Bass Boat Lift

Personal Water Craft (PWC) Lift


We use only the finest grade materials:

• Stainless Steel Hardware
• Engineered and Composite Lumber
• Pressure-Treated Lumber
• Pressure-Treated Pilings




Boat lift stuck? Speeler is on-call for all of your boat lift repair needs. Our technicians are resourceful and experienced in all types of equipment, so we can fix your immediate problem and recommend improvements to avoid future inconveniences.

• Motors
• Controllers
• Electrical Systems
• Cables (Stainless Steel and Galvanized)
• Bunks
• Pulleys (Block and Tackle)
• Control Cables
• Motor Covers


Boat lift broken? Speeler has the boat lift parts to get your boat back in the air.

• Boat lift cable
• Boat lift remote
• Boat lift winches
• Boat lift canopy covers
• Boat lift control cables
• Boat lift electric motor
• Boat lift cradles
• Boat lift straps
• Boat lift pulleys


We have the accessories to make your boat lift as convenient and functional as possible.

Boat Lift Accessories

• Catwalks
• Sternwalks
• Catwalk Steps
• Custom Bunking
• Bunk Riser Brackets
• Boarding Platform
• Sailboat Cradle
• Tunnel Hull Cradle
• Double Angled Lifter Beams
• Wireless Remote
• Lift Limit Switch
• Disconnect Switch



Keep your boat covered with a canopy or boathouse. Ask your Speeler representative about the advantages of putting a roof over your investment.

Dock Repair

Emergency Dock RepairIs your Boat lift stuck?  Dock boards floating away?  Seawall showing signs of age?  Speeler is on-call for all your marine construction needs. We can fix your immediate problem, and recommend improvements to avoid future inconveniences. Our technicians are resourceful and experienced in all types of equipment. Read More

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